SOFIA – a detailed map of sports

In its work on optimizing information about the opportunities for sport and active living in Sofia, a team of Association Footura made a map of Sport - in order to facilitate the search for places for sports and active recreation and terrains, and clubs by types of sport.

PADUA area – map of the places of sport

The map is being updated. Look for your favourite sporting place, if it's not there yet, send it to us at this email address!

BONN – map of sport facilities

Bonn has more than 100 municipal gymnasiums and sports halls, 21 gymnastics rooms and 58 outdoor areas where you can keep fit. The offer includes 59 different sports. Whether football, rugby, chess or Aikido - with the search mask you can inform yourself about the rich offer of the clubs, pick out the training dates and locate the corresponding sports facilities on the map.

Bonn, map of sport facilities