Northeastern Italy, Veneto Region


111.837 (May 2017)

Area information

Vicenza is a city in northeastern Italy, in the Veneto region, approximately 60 kilometres west of Venice and 200 kilometres east of Milan.
Vicenza has been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994 and has been part of the Covenant of Mayors network since 2011 and of the Mayors Adapt network from October 2014.
With a total area of about 80 km2 and a resident population of 111.837 inhabitants, Vicenza is in fact a compact city, from the old town to the outskirts, enclosed in a dense belt especially in north, east and west quadrants.

HEPA objectives

  • Foster the preservation and creation of social and physical environments as well as values and lifestyles supportive of health-enhancing physical activity
  • Raise awareness to the best use of the sport facilities available and maintain a strong commitment to the promotion of sport among young people, focusing on volunteer activietis, training of street educators within the perpespective of social inclusion and support of equal opportunities through grassroots sport;
  • Identify, share and apply innovative practices for the development of peripheral urban areas through sport and physical activity;
  • Implement a training programme in all city schools offering different sport professional class activities.

HEPA promotion policies

Vicenza is European City of Sport 2017 (http://www.sportvicenza.it/), with over one hundred active sports clubs and seventy municipal facilities for the sport and with a program of activities that is part
of the program of "European City of Sport" which include demonstrations and about 80 sporting events.