The Mellowpark is a sports and leisure area in Berlin. It was created as an outdoor skate park on the site of a shutdown cable factory. After the abolition of the possibility of use at this location, a move of the now internationally known facility to “An der Wuhlheide” was organized with the help of the district as well as numerous sponsors and initiatives. A step-by-step expansion follows and in 2012 it becomes "Europe's largest skateboard and BMX Park". Everything began with the construction of ramps, small clay hills and a BMX course, then - beach volleyball fields, a football pitch and basketball courts. In the years between 2005 and 2008, up to 20,000 visitors (active and spectators) were counted per year and for the 2015 - 40,000 visitors. The Mellowpark has been a federal centre of excellence since the 2010s and is politically and financially supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Berlin-Brandenburg Landessportbund and other sports institutions. According to the aim of the sponsoring, the park is to combine sports and youth work as before. At the beginning of July 2016, Treptow-Köpenick and the representatives of the operating associations signed a contract for the use of the facility by 2035, an option for a further five years. On this safe base, a large hall is to be built, in which sports cyclists and skaters can train independently of the weather or competitions. At the end of 2016, the newly elected Berlin Senate decided to carry out further activities for the Mellowpark, including the following measures: construction of a new course, construction of a multi-storey car park with a skating system on the roof and construction of a temporary skating rink. In addition, tree houses, a hostel, camping facilities as well as a theatre and concert stage can be created. All ideas come from the young people and operators.


Results and impact

There is a simultaneous positive result of regeneration of old industrial areas and increase of sportsmen.


Type of activity

Regular outdoor trainings/courses

Special events/days

Rehabilitation of old industrial zones




Place: Berlin, Germany

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: Municipality of Berlin

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