Heritage walks on September 2016 (during European Heritage Walks days, promoted by Council of Europe) and March 2017.

Walks were animated by Sport, cultural and entertainment activities with Arts, Music, Humanistic Schools involvement.

The 1st Vicenza Heritage walks took place on 25th September 2016 and it was organized as follow:

1st stop “Enjoy Heritage and Sport integration”  - sport activities in the Old Town

2nd stop “Enjoy Heritage and Dance, Arts, Music, Telling” – recreational activities

3rd stop “Arts session: fluvial side / city side” – draw session

4th stop “Architect session: Palazzo Chiericati (Vicenza)” – architect draw session


Results and impact

Citizens and students participation

Raise awareness on HEPA


Type of activity

Programmes promoting activity

Special events/days

Physical activities in natural and cult. ecosystems



Place: Vicenza, Italy

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: Arti della Rappresentazione (Vicenza); Organizzazione MasterAtletica (Vicenza)