The initiative aims to promote sports practice to young people and adults. During the special event that takes place every year on the last Sunday of September, through the involvement of institutions, sporting organizations and federations, it is possible to try and to be engaged in the most varied sports disciplines. In recent years, up to 80 organizations and sports associations have distributed promotional material from their gazebo. They use to provide information on the courses and activities of the sporting seasons that are beginning and, above all, they offer the opportunity to test the various disciplines. "Walking among the sports" has become a fixed appointment both for Vicenza sports association and for families.


Results and impact

45.000 participants (2015 – 2016)


Type of activity

Programmes promoting activity

Special events/days



Place: Vicenza, Campo Marzio park, Italy

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: Municipality of Vicenza, in collaboration with 80 Sport Associations

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