1. General scope of the Pilot Action

Our main idea is to realize and to engage in organizing a number of sporting events in the urban environment. We plan the bulk of the events to be in Sofia, but also want to get involved in the promotion and implementation of two events outside the capital - in the third largest city - Varna, as well as in the small town of Karlovo (near the second largest city - Plovdiv). All events will be open for all interested (as participants, volunteers and viewers), with an emphasis on engaging of young people.
Our concept is based on several basic pillars:

  • counselling and planning through Local task force meetings / communication
  • mapping of places and organizations for sport and active lifestyle in Sofia
  • making sports events in urban environment
  • promotional campaigns


2. Specific goals and tasks to be fulfilled

Given our capacity to organize open sports events of all kinds and, above all, to promote the values of sport, we believe we can fine-tune the processes of preparation, partnership, realization and coverage of forthcoming events. By doing this in different places and for different events, our main goals will be:

  • work to attract adequate partners, supportive organizations and companies, volunteers and others.
  • active inclusion of different social, age, ethnic, etc. groups
  • an attractive and varied program - not just sports activities but also an accompanying information campaign
  • appropriate and non-intrusive media coverage, which aims to increase the importance of initiatives in specific regions (and among certain target groups, especially young people)


3. Target groups aimed by the activities

The events will aim at the general public, focusing on the youngest age group - children and youngsters up to 29 years of age. Of course, we will try to adjust events programs to give a positive opportunity to everyone, including people with low motor culture or mobility, elderly people, etc. Through the overall events and the subsequent reflection, we also aim to reach a secondary target group - people from the social and geographic circles of the participants - which group can learn about the events and could be motivated for more movement and exercises.


4. Methodology and tools

The methodology is related to the main HEPNESS project tools, emphasizing promotion, innovation, connectivity. Using the structure of the general scope, we would like to create a sustainable model for such types of events in the urban environment as well as various practical tools for future use (such as map of sport in Sofia, urban routes for active lifestyle, etc.).


5. Expected impacts and benefits from the pilot actions

The impact of the implemented activities can be expressed both in the short, medium and long term, as well as on the direct impact on participants and the public, and the indirect impact over time. According to our observations, the youngest participants (who are also our main target group) feel the short-term and medium-term influences most sensitive. Accordingly, for older participants, we can talk about planning and systematization of the sport-motor process, i.e. long-term impact. From a different point of view, the accumulation of many such initiatives and the regular practice of outdoor sports activities acquire many valuable habits, and the earlier one learns them, the more it would be more beneficial to him. Here we see our role in promoting movement and sport in different types of urban environments - streets, side walks, wide public spaces such as squares, parks, alleys, etc.


6. Strategy to mainstream the pilot action

Apart from the sustainable model for such types of events in the urban environment, that we mentioned, we also plan to make future releases of the same events in the same locations, to the same events in different locations, to make other similar events with social and competitive orientation and wider participation - providing even more space and even more sports to practice, as well as to popularize all of them in a logical connection (urban sport activities).

SOFIA - a detailed map of sports

In its work on optimizing information about the opportunities for sport and active living in Sofia, a team of Association Footura made a map of Sport - in order to facilitate the search for places for sports and active recreation and terrains, and clubs by types of sport.