BicikeLJ is a public service offered by the city of Ljubljana, provided and operated under concession by Europlakat d. o. o. to establish a city bicycle-sharing system. The service consists of a network of more than 50 stations (30 in 2011) and 500 bikes (360 in 2015). BicikeLJ docking stations have individual bike stands to which the bikes are attached and are equipped with terminals displaying information about the bicycles available for hire and the locations of other BicikeLJ terminals. In order to access the service, the user must have a 7-day ticket (1 €) and/or an annual subscription (3 €). First hour of hire is free of charge, second 1 €, third 2 € and each additional hour 4 €. The annual subscription extends automatically every year unless the user submits a written cancellation request. Terminal data about free bikes and locks are available via internet and smart phones.


Results and impact

So far, the system has about 63,000 users, with about 28,500 of them being regular users with an active annual subscription. The record number of bike rentals in a single day is 4,880, which means almost 10 rides with each bike. The number of people using the BicikeLJ system was as high as in cities where such bikes had been available for several years. In a little over three and a half years, nearly two and a half million bike rentals were recorded. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, BicikeLJ system enables a free cycling by day or night and unlimited number of trips over the subscription period. Located in busy residential and shopping areas and near public transport, the stations are a simple and handy way to commute to work or get around for a quick errand. BicikeLJ system encourages intermodality and eco-friendly choices. So far, the system has 51 stations and 510 bikes (March 2017), with new stations already in plan.


Type of activity

Building health promoting infrastructure

Health promotion in tourism



Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: City of Ljubljana, provider is company Europlakat