The Ljubljana Marathon is the largest running event held in Slovenia, celebrated 20th anniversary in 2016. It attracts massive numbers of runners to the streets of Ljubljana in late October each year. While originally the event was mainly intended for the local runners, it soon grew into an internationally recognized competition due to its highly attractive course, running through the streets of Ljubljana, and also due to attractive money awards. The two main races held as part of the event, a marathon (42 km) and a half marathon (21 km), are accompanied by recreational runs of varying lengths (10 km and shorter) and degrees of difficulty, like a half-marathon inline skating race, and a half-marathon handcycling race. Therefore, runners of all ages are able to find something suitable for their fitness level.

On the 17th Ljubljana Marathon in 2016 a few novelties were introduced, such as the “I am running/Tečem” – a kind of marathon fair at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. With over 40,000 visitors and wide offer the fair proved to be a success. Also “FUN run” was organized – for all the participants who want to be a part of the event and have fun. They can wear uniforms, costumes, mascots or just come and enjoy the event. There is no official time measurement but they can still see their race time on the scoreboard at the finish.


Results and impact

This recreational activity started as a local one, and soon overgrew regional and national borders. Already in 1998 the number of participants exceeded 1000 and reach over 20,000 from 2014 on. This activity triggered many individuals and groups of all ages to start regular running daily/weekly activities, which also include socializing. Many of these runners started with regular daily running in mid-years and even later. In an invitation, it is said: Every day is a chance to make a first step. We are waiting for you! But the majority of participants were running even before this manifestation. The manifestation triggered the foundation of many privately owned companies, teaching and guiding run (sport) activities all-round the city and also trading companies with running equipment.


Type of activity

Special events/days

Physical activities in natural and cult. ecosystems



Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Territorial level: Supranational

Organizer: City of Ljubljana and sponsors