Under a URBAN sub-program the shutdown in 1990 "Thüringer Bahnhof"/”Railway of Thuringia” was remodelled in Sport grounds. The idea for the project came about as a result of a review procedure carried out with the participation of 11 architects and a student group. The park offers plenty of space for recreation and recreation. In particular the residents of the adjoining urban areas find opportunities for recreation on extensive meadows and for sports activities on climbing rocks, skating facilities, beach volleyball field and ball games. The URBAN project initiates the revitalization of the old industrial district of the "Gründerzeitviertel", which is connected with the general reconstruction of the connection between the city centre and the Saale.


Results and impact

There is a simultaneous positive result of regeneration of old industrial areas and increase of sportsmen.


Type of activity

Building health promoting infrastructure

Rehabilitation of old industrial zones



Place: Halle, Germany

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: Municipality of Halle

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