The Skatepark Bonn has been initiated by local initiative. It started with a fundraiser called “Beton für Bonn” to collect funds to create and build a state of the art Skatepark in Bonn. Facing several legal problems to identify a suitable location, finally the city administration and the initiative found the location in a former “traffic practice school area” close to the highway in within a big park. Raising more than 70.000Euro the initiative collected the necessary amount to implement the first construction phase. The city of Bonn provided 270.000 Euro. The first and main skate area and facilities of the Skatepark are finished and in use.

The concept is to manage the skatepark as an open space for everybody. It is managed and maintained by the NGO “Subculture Bonn”offering also a skate college, social activities and several open events. It follows opening ours with open access every day of the week. The location is close to a playground and with its café inviting people to use that area for activities.


Results and impact

The former completely abandoned area has been redesigned to become a vivid location. The area provides a vast and high quality facility for rollerbladers, skatboarders, scooter and BMX riders. It has been designed and is now lived as an open, positive, inviting and inspiring place to get people, especially youth involved in social and physical activities. The users of the skatepark show a high degree of ownership and responsibility for the place and great deal of engagement to maintain and promote the park as an already nationwide famous location within the city of Bonn.


Type of activity

Programmes promoting activity

Regular outdoor trainings/courses



Place: City of Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: Civil society. Subculture Initiative and the city administration of Bonn

Source: City of Bonn