Outdoor sports infrastructure in Ljubljana, managed by Ljubljana public institution for sport, consists of 3 trim trails, 8 trim islands, 22 open fitness devices and 2 locations with street workout devices. Some sport devices are also on 8 city park locations. A new recreational-educational area with picnic infrastructure and walking and cycling trail along the Sava river in the north city suburb was recently established. In the north suburb of Ljubljana one could also find a golf court (Stanežiče), and, south from the city centre, recently renovated swimming pool complex Kolezija. All mentioned locations serve for organized or self-organized sport/recreational activities, accessible free of charge or at low cost.

From 2016 on, also open-air daily exercises are organized. The meeting points are attractive locations, precisely city parks, some of them also equipped with open air equipment for street workout and with open-air fitness devices. Exercises are guided by licensed trainers, following the principle of interval training. Sessions last 45 minutes and are free of charge.


Results and impact

The main goal of outdoor public sports infrastructure is to bring out citizens from inner rooms and encourage them to move, especially in urban green areas. In the near future, also fitness devices for paraplegic persons are planned. Many hundreds of people were involved in free open-air exercises during last year. A social dimension is also important, keeping citizens in company with other citizens.


Type of activity

Regular outdoor trainings/courses

Building health promoting infrastructure

Physical activities in natural and cult. ecosystems



Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: Javni zavod Šport Ljubljana (Ljubljana public institution for sport; its founder is The City of Ljubljana)

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