The "Corri x Padova" is a collective running and walking activity which takes place from November to June, every Thursday, in different parts of the city. There  are pre-defined routes along the streets, through the squares and parks and along the river banks in the city, with the guidance of athletes who act as  "pacemakers" for the participants. The "pacemakers" set the different paces, so that every runner / walker can find his/her right pace and gradually improve. Distances vary from 6 to 10 km for running and 3 to 5 km for walking - Nordic walking.


Results and impact

It has promoted the importance of keeping fit in a very efficient way.


Type of activity

Programmes promoting activity

Regular outdoor trainings/courses

Building health promoting infrastructure

Dissemination of awareness tools and materials

Special events/days




Place: Padua - Italy

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: Padua City Council and Police Force