The major scope is:

  • Focusing on how many people actually uses bike to move within the city
  • Surveys to collect people opinion on bike path system and further needs
  • Improving safety on bicycle paths, especially when mixed with vehicular traffic
  • Educational training for kids and young people
  • High quality projects for bicycle paths, high implemented system of bike sharing


Result and impact

Surveys highlight that more and more people is using bike in everyday transfers (work, school, shop, …)
Improving safety on bike paths allows kids to use bike alone to meet friends and go to school, having social and active lifestyle
From the start of the project more and more people begun to use bike, since it is green, cheap and active


Type of activity

Building infrastructures
Education of young people
Keeping bike path safe

Place: Padua, city centre

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: Municipality of Padua