The major scope is:

  • Solve decline situation of the place itself (people using drugs and illegal traffic)
  • Enhance public space usability for citizens
  • Reorganize green space distribution
  • Organizing sport and cultural events and parties, attracting tourism


Result and impact

People begun to skate around the asphalt ring and drove away criminality
Many students meet on the green areas and under the trees to study and play
Sport and cultural events are organized with an high rate of citizens and foreigners participation
Heating island of the city is strongly reduced by the presence of the fountain and the water canal
Public space is used in summer as well as in winter thanks to hosting an ice skating rink, used by citizens and by professional skater for events


Type of activity

Restoring cultural heritage
Reorganizing public space
Enhance public spaces usability

Place: Padua, city centre

Territorial level: Local

Organizer: Municipality of Padua